About DVOL




With over thirty-five years in business as a regional ISP in the Greater Philadelphia region, Delaware Valley On Line continues to be a recognized leader in website hosting, development, marketing and social media solutions for small to mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


Founded in 1979 by Steven Weisz, Delaware Valley On Line (DVOL) originally started as a Major BBS or multi-line bulletin board systems running out of his home, with rooms filled with racks of modems to which end users would connect. DVOL quickly gained a reputation for fostering online communities and the development of interactive online experiences. DVOL soon expanded to run Galacticomm’s World Group Software adding features such as chat, online gaming and what was soon to be the early precurser to the World Wide Web or Internet as we have come to know it.


DVOL under Weisz positioned itself to expand with the early growth and development of the internet. The company, while continuing to offer connectivity services and even broadband, began to focus on web development, server management, custom programming and content development. The company became know for its innovative marketing strategies, that combined real-world event marketing with online promotions, interactive experiences and branding campaigns. Over time, the company focused specifically on small to mid-size business development and educational services. DVOL has since added to its focus, non-profit organizations in the performing arts arena.


DVOL continues to be one of the few remaining successful regional ISPs. While DVOL has moved away from connectivity services all together, it continues to be a leader in the industry and has an award winning repuation for its web hosting, server management, web design and social media marketing services. DVOL is known for its innovation in college admissions marketing and online educational services; business development and marketing services; social media marketing and mobile application development; and use of technology to foster audience development for the performing arts in the region.