Almost every higher education institution uses email marketing to reach prospective students, but are your campaigns reaching their maximum potential?

DVOL’s email marketing is easy, affordable, and proven to get results. We have over 25 years of experience in the field and we are even Constant Contact certified.

Because DVOL not only has the technical expertise but the marketing experience as well, we are able to build campaigns with open and click through rates that are higher than the national average. Our campaigns generally yield from 8% to as much as a 23% response rate. More importantly, we can show you how to use such campaigns to improve your conversion rates!

We will work with your marketing and admission’s teams to create an effective campaign strategy before a single email goes out. This includes the implementation of your branding strategy, careful design and implementation of you marketing goals, the crafting of the messages to be sent as part of your campaign, a distinct call to action with every email, and most importantly, the timing and frequency for delivery of your message.

We design campaigns not only to reach potential students but also their parents, who often have a different set of informational needs in determining the college choice for their son or daughter. We are one of the few companies that use focus groups to measure the effectiveness of your campaign before it goes out. As a result, we are able to implement a far more effective communication strategy for you in this age of information overload.

Most important, as your campaign launches, we provide you with on going real time metrics. We not only look at open rates but also the time spent on an email, indicating whether it was simply opened or actually read. Our analysis, also includes click through rates, forwards and social media shares. We can show you how to link campaigns to integrated landing pages on your web sites to measure both response rates and conversion rates.

Our analysis of the metrics, allows for modification, updates and improvements to your campaigns in real time to maximize effectiveness. We use actual data to drive decisions and ultimately help you develop more targeted communications in a highly competitive market place.

For a free consultation or more information, contact Steven Weisz, President, Delaware Valley On Line at 484-469-0288 or email to