If you are not using segmented marketing as part of your overall recruitment strategy, you may not be reaching potential student prospects in a way that is both meaningful and effective.

Good marketing has always been about segmentation. One needs to understand the niche market and then be able to communicate effectively with them to reach a desired goal. The higher education marketplace is no different in this respect. However, it is made complicated by the wide range of programs offered, the varying marketing approaches and the student demographics served.

Using segmentation helps you start the prospecting process with commonalities, so students will not only attend to your marketing message but also become actively engaged in learning more about your college or university.  At DVOL, we help you design effective segmented campaigns that start the conversation with prospective students through specifically tailored messages. For example, how you reach potential engineering students is very different than the dialog you may have with business student prospects.

While traditionally, it has been recognized that the best prospective students for your college/university mirror existing students and alumni, this can ultimately limit your potential pool of applicants.  We help you re-think your audience, taking a real look at what may be motivating a student to seek out your program.

We have proven techniques for capturing a prospects primary interest area, why they are considering a given program, and their contact information.  As a result, they can receive personalized messaging that is relevant to them and in a digital format that they prefer, whether it be email, text or through social media.

Let DVOL show you how to use segmented marketing to leverage the maximum brand effect for your organization. For a free consultation or more information, contact Steven Weisz, President, Delaware Valley On Line at 484-469-0288 or email to sweisz@gmail.com