Let us help you build text message marketing campaigns that are affordable and effective.
– Reach your market with our SMS Mobile Marketing Platform
– Increase response rates, brand awareness, and your return on investment
– Keep your customers updated with targeted marketing lists using mobile keywords
– Invite customers to text in your keyword to receive instant coupons, discounts or special offers
– Ideal for send out emergency alerts, event and meeting reminders.
– Facilitate communications amongst the members of a non-profit or community based organization
– Create effective Branding Campaigns with Text to Win Contests
– Engage Customers with Interactive Campaigns with Text to VoteMobile advertising has the highest click through and reaction rates with more than 70% of all mobile ads triggering a reaction to click, share or sign-up.
Our service is effective with nearly every major carrier in North America. With our special web widgets, you can easily incorporate your campaign in to your existing web site or blog.Give us a call to get started today – 484-469-0288. Plans start for as little as $40/month.