Affordable webmaster services for your website. With hosting or without.

–Pay As You Go / One Time Maintenance
Your site needs occasional work, fixes or added features. You prefer pay as you go, and fixing things as they come up. For the most part these are smaller projects. Perfect for clients that need work right away, and know the spectrum of work needed. Website work is quoted at a flat rate, and delivered on a 50/50 payment agreement. Most types of website maintenance include things such as image replacement, copy insertion/removal, CSS edits, PHP or server side language fixes, database tweaks, or SEO updates. Rates start at $60/hr and up depending on scope of work.

— On Going Website Maintenance
Your site needs updating, new content, some additional features with occasional recurring work.  You desire a fixed budget & routine scheduled maintenance. Ideal for clients who need on average 1 to 10 hours of work each month.   Plans offered:  1-3 hours per month $175 / 3-6 hours per month $350 / 6-10 hours per month  $550

–Emergency Website Maintenance: We understand mission critical. Your clients and customers expect 100% up time and fast responses to critical situations. If you are in a bind – this is our specialty! We love troubleshooting and have seen just about every type of website repair scenario you can imagine. If others have tried to fix your website and failed, try us. Rates start at $100/hr and up depending on scope of work.

–Wordpress Experts: More and more sites are built on WordPress.  We provide expertise on custom designs, maintenance, security, backups and search engine optimization. This service is offered as pay as you go or a small ongoing monthly fee to keep your site up to date.

Hire a Web Master for your next project!  484-4690-0288 or email to sysop@dvol.com